Dee has a history of job creation, taking a local business from six to seventy employees. Throughout his career, Dee has played an important role in creating new jobs under his leadership at REDCO (now Borderplex Alliance) and the Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce.  Dee understands the important role the Mayor of El Paso plays, as the city’s ambassador, in bringing new jobs.  He is committed to creating 10,000 new jobs a year.


When our schools were plagued by corruption, Dee made an unselfish commitment to restore the ISD’s integrity and served as President of the El Paso ISD Board of Managers. Dee served because he believes a city’s economic success is based on the level of education it provides its citizens. As El Paso’s Mayor, Dee will continue his commitment to our education system and look for areas of collaboration between the ISD’s and the City, including Ft. Bliss families.


At El Paso ISD, Dee successfully covered a $20,000,000 shortfall without any layoffs or tax increase. As a successful businessman, Dee knows we need a better grasp of our tax dollars and how they are spent, especially in important institutions such as the Central Appraisal District. Dee is committed to strengthen city oversight and board accountability in many of our partner institutions to ensure we get the most of our tax dollars.


Road closures disrupt our lives.  It slows down first responders, depresses business, and interrupts our daily commutes. Dee believes these projects need to be completed on time and on budget.  As the largest represented body on numerous local planning organizations, the city has direct input into transportation projects. Dee will hold these organizations accountable to the taxpayer and work for better planning to better our daily drive.